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Placenta capsules in jar

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Foremost our goal is to provide emotional, physical and practical support to pregnant women and their families during pregnancy and birth. We really don't have a set way of working, each family has individual needs, our doula support is tailored accordingly but offer the following to all our families.

Contact Cherie to get a price for our full range of services and how we can cater a package to suit you and your birthing needs.

Earth Mama is a Geelong doula who is a locally run business and we are all about getting to know you and what you want for birth.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta capsules in jar

Why placenta capsules?

  • Increase and enriched breast milk
  • Increase in energy
  • Decrease in baby blues and postpartum depression
  • Decrease in lochia, postpartum bleeding
  • Decrease iron deficiency
  • Decrease insomnia or sleep disorders
  • Decreases postpartum "night sweats"

The placenta's hormonal make-up is completely unique to the mother. No prescription, vitamin or herbal supplement can do what one placenta pill can. How amazing is that? The theory is you are replacing the hormones you lost during the birthing process. Each woman's placenta is unique to her hormonal make-up.

More information is available on our Placenta Encapsultion FAQ page.

The price is $300 which covers the price of collection and delivery (Geelong and surrounding areas).

Mother Blessings

Space prepared for a Mother blessing

A Mother Blessing (Blessingway) is an ancient Navajo ceremony to celebrate a woman’s transition into motherhood. The Navajo have a saying, “whatever happens here on Earth must first be dreamed”, and that’s exactly what a Blessingway does. It is a ceremony (or the “dream”) that is a prelude to a major life event (and, as we all know, motherhood is a pretty life-altering event).

A Mother Blessing differs from a baby shower in that it focuses on the woman and her transformation into mother in a deeper way than at a party with a showering of gifts. Gifts may be included, but instead of practical items or pretty clothing, gifts are symbolic or carry special meaning, such as an heirloom being passed down, or the gift of a poem being read. A woman may have a traditional baby shower and also savor the ritual of a blessingway. These ceremonies welcome and honor a woman as she enters this new transformational time in her life.

The activities usually include the following however each Mother Blessing is personally tailored to suit you:

A blessingway can be as simple and casual or as sacred and formal as you want. The goal of a blessingway is to focus on the woman becoming a mother. So the mother will feel surrounded by love as she makes this enormous life transition, whether it is her first child or her sixth.

Postnatal Support


Postnatal support gently eases the transition from pregnancy to postpartum. A Postpartum Mother is transitioning between worlds. Her body has gone through a tremndous journey of change and healing is prioritised. She has journeyed spiritually and emotionally to open everything about herself to welcome her tiny baby into her world. She feels everything acutely. Her senses are necessarily heightened. She is hyper-vigilant as she cocoons her baby through these first vulnerable weeks.

Postnatal doula services offered:

Price $150 for 2 hours * Includes travel within 30mins of Geelong CBD and delicious nutritious snacks brought with me.
Or 11 sessions of 2 hours for $1500


About Earthmama

My passion for a natural birth experience for both Mother and Baby kick started after the C-Section birth of my first son. Convinced the birth should not have taken that course, I decided to research and hire a private midwife to support me to achieve my vbac. I went on to have two more vbac safely at home in my space surrounded by loved ones.

After my first VBAC I noticed the gap in my support during my c-section and in 2009 decided to study with Rhea Dempsey to become a doula in Geelong. Living and being a Geelong doula for over 14 years has provided the opportunity for me to already have a relationship with the midwives that you might work with in all hospitals or at home.


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