Placenta Encapsulation FAQ


The price is $300* which covers the price of collection and delivery (Geelong and surrounding areas).
If you have hired Cherie as your Doula, it is just $200.
* Please note currently Cherie can only do Placenta Encapsulation for Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surfcoast and Great Ocean Road.

How many Capsules can you get?

Generally between 100 and 150

How long does it take to encapsulate a placenta? When will my pills be ready?

Once received, the aim is to have the process completed and the capsules returned in 24 hours.

Which Hormones are Found in Placenta?

Placenta pills boast a wealth of hormones that can assist with postpartum depression. The following hormones are present in placenta:

Haemoglobin - Replenishes and stimulates iron production in the blood
Oxytocin - The feel-good hormone that creates a sense of bonding, pain relief, happiness and elation
Cortisone - Unlocks energy stored in the body and combats stress (cortisol)
Interferon - Stimulates the immune system to fight off infections during the healing stages
Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII -Lessens bleeding and promotes faster healing
Prostaglandins - Acts as an anti-inflammatory
Prolactin - Encourages healthy mammary function and milk production

What other ingredients are in placenta pills?

I use vegan capsules, and that is the only other ingredient.

What if I am induced/have a medicated birth/have a caesarean section? Can I still encapsulate my placenta?

Yes, yes, and yes. Your particular birth choices/outcomes do not affect whether or not your placenta can or cannot be encapsulated. Encapsulation is still possible when birthed by mothers who received epidurals, IV pain medications during labour, and had caesarean sections.

How do I know I will not receive someone else's placenta?

Impossible, because we prepare only one placenta at a time, so there is no chance of an accidental switch or any cross contamination of any kind. All of my materials used are either disposable or thoroughly sanitized and disinfected between use.

When should I book the encapsulation?

As I limit the number of bookings I take per month, please book the service well before your baby is due to ensure I have availability around your due date. Some women book as early as 20 weeks. I take a first in, first served policy with bookings.

When is a placenta considered unsuitable for consumption?

If the mother is HIV, Hep B or C positive or if the placenta is sent to the pathology lab for examination. This rarely occurs, but in the case that it does, simply have a family member call me.

Are you certified?

Yes, I am certified with Placenta Services Australia. I pride myself on keeping my training up to date and currently certified in accredited training in food safety and Bloodborne Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulation Professionals course.

Placenta and baby