My partner and I were so fortunate to find Cherie early in our pregnancy. As first-time parents, both in our mid-thirties, Cherie's knowledge, expertise, professionalism and friendship proved invaluable.

The service Cherie provided truly went above and beyond. We couldn't be more happy and grateful with the love, support, encouragement and positivity she provided us with. It empowered us to make informed and intuitive decisions, instilling confidence in our abilities as a team and as parents-to-be, making choices in the best interest of our child.

Cherie carried out so many tasks, from providing literature, answering the hundreds of questions we had with patience, grace and warm humour, to making a belly cast for my partner and even cooking dinner!

Cherie helped us to carry out our birth plan and for it to be exactly how we wished and hoped it would be. She gave us the resources to know that no two births are ever the same and be comfortable and in control of all the scenarios that may have unfolded.

With Cherie's care and support we were able to maximise our stay at home before heading into the hospital where we had a natural birth, with no interventions, just as we had envisioned.

During the birth, Cherie attended and assisted selflessly not just to my partner, but also myself, taking part in looking after my partner by seamlessly transitioning into my role when required. She looked over and after both of us during labour, making sure we were fed and hydrated so we had the strength to achieve our birth goals.

Her care for us was both vital and unobtrusive.

Her calm demeanour and wealth of experience made us feel safe and secure at all times. The strength I was able to gain from her face when worried about my partner was reassuring and allowed me to pass this assurance on to my partner both physically and emotionally.

We feel so lucky that she was present at the birth of our son and for our son to one day grow up and meet the beautiful, strong and vibrant person who attended his grand entrance into the world. Our little family feel very fortunate.

I couldn't recommend or speak highly enough of Cherie. Should we one day decide to add to our modest family, we will certainly be seeking out her friendship and advice again. Thank you so much Cherie for all your care, love, help and company.

Henry - Ocean Grove

I found Cherie's help to be priceless during my pregnancy. She was a compassionate, well informed, strong advocate. More than once I was uncertain of my rights and Cherie calmly reminded me. I never felt like a client but like someone she cared for genuinely independent of me employing her. She was willing to go out on a limb to provide me with the support I needed.

Through what was a very stressful journey she was constantly there for me, more support I could not have hoped for. She helped turn my pregnancy into a memorable rite of good company, good food, cherished moments and more.

Through Cherie's help I managed to find a midwife to attend me at home quite late in my pregnancy, and I went on to have my third son born at home after two previous caesarean sections (HBA2C).

Cherie was dedicated, staying with me through 3 days of labour until my baby was born. She was with me when my husband was asleep, holding my hand for each contraction though she was as tired as I was. She capably tolerated my moodiness in transition!

If you need a powerful woman to support you and advocate for you, look no further! In my first pregnancy I looked into having a doula but I was of the opinion that the doula's role was what my husband was for. If I had enlisted the help of a good doula like Cherie in either of my first two pregnancies I am confident I would not have ended up with my caesareans. With two or three solid support people around you in labour, if one needs to sleep or eat then the other can step in and you will not be left alone at such a precious and vulnerable time.

Rhoda - Geelong

Cherie Geelong Doula supported me through my second pregnancy and birth of our son, Rumi. She worked with me from around 8 weeks of pregnancy. I had experienced a somewhat traumatic birth with the birth of my first child and my husband and I were working together to navigate the complex world of birthing choices to find the right support for our family this time around. Cherie met with us each month during my pregnancy and supported us in our decision making, providing links to information and resources. Cherie engaged with my husband in an empowering fashion and provided useful support to him in finding his place as my support and as a father again himself. This was most empowering! Most importantly, Cherie provided a patient listening ear for both of us. Her support here was helpful, non-judgmental and non-prescriptive.

Towards the end of my pregnancy Cherie organised and facilitated a most magical blessingway. This day was such a positive celebration of pregnancy, birth, family and sisterhood. I felt that my baby and I were so beautifully blessed and held by the women in my circle of friends and extended family.

During our labour and birth, Cherie's support was so gentle and intuitive, not at all imposing. She was so incredibly present for me during my labour and instinctively knew when to be with me and when to slip away and leave some space for myself and my husband. Cherie spent many hours with us at home supporting me in labour and also traveled with us to hospital where she was also a wonderful positive support to me in the hospital setting, which was a less than supportive environment. Even though this was a challenging setting for birth and things were not going as planned, I still felt beautifully held and supported. In her work as a geelong doula, Cherie truly honors the sacred process of pregnancy and birth. Every woman should be supported in the way that I was by my doula.

Jess - Bellarine

Highly recommend her services, truly a gifted woman in supporting women before during and after birth, your work, dedication, timing is amazing. You were amazing responding to my body reactions before my mind even knew another surge was coming, it was perfect relief! xxx just love you and your work!

Louise - Geelong

You gave me so much , you were always there when i needed support during pregnancy, if i needed information i knew i could call on you and you would help me find what i needed.The monthly catch-ups were amazing and i loved the time to get to know and trust you. I know other doula's do not offer as many appointments during the pregnancy as you and knowing i had time to trust you , made it an easy connection and really knew you knew me and my birth dreams and wishes. During the actual birth you were exactly what i needed, when i needed. You knew the right thing to say, the right place to rub or just to offer a hand. You have magical skills and really are the most amazing doula. I birthed vagially with your help after two c-sections! When i doubted i could do it, i knew you believed in me and i could find the right head space again and get on with my job. Thank you you have given me the most amazing gift of love and support , i have become a different woman who trusts and believes in herself, because of you!

Amanda - Torquay

Dear Cherie,
We cannot express how grateful we are for the incredible role that you played in our Journey to meet our special little man. As a woman, i cannot tell you in words, how very comforting it was to have you helping & guiding me through and after birth. At such a very intimate event it takes an exceptionally special person to know how to offer exactly what is needed, to whom and at the right time, you did this. Duing these precious , emotional and very vunerable moments, your support humility and gentle wisdom left me feeling immensely grateful and with overwhelming respect for you and your amazing role that you play If your looking for a Geelong doula, do not hesitate to contact her. Thank you xxxx

Claire - Geelong

During my birth there were so many times, i just needed to look into your face to know you believed in i could birth my baby. Im so glad you were there. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xx

Fleur - Geelong