A Mother Blessing (Blessingway) is an ancient Navajo ceremony to celebrate a woman’s transition into motherhood. The Navajo have a saying, “whatever happens here on Earth must first be dreamed”, and that’s exactly what a Blessingway does. It is a ceremony (or the “dream”) that is a prelude to a major life event (and, as we all know, motherhood is a pretty life-altering event).

Mother Blessing differs from a baby shower in that it focuses on the woman and her transformation into mother in a deeper way than at a party with a showering of gifts. Gifts may be included, but instead of practical items or pretty clothing, gifts are symbolic or carry special meaning, such as an heirloom being passed down, or the gift of a poem being read. A woman may have a traditional baby shower and also savor the ritual of a blessingway. These ceremonies welcome and honor a woman as she enters this new transformational time in her life.
The activities usually include the following however each Mother Blessing is personally tailored to suit you:

Creating Birthing Bracelet or Necklace – This will be the piece of jewellery that you can choose to wear on your birthing day as a reminder of those whom are thinking of you and supporting you.

Belly painting or belly casting

Cord ceremony

Pampering – Wreaths of flowers, foot baths with fragrant herbs and massage so she feels nurturing from her closest friends and family.

Candle Lighting – that she is in labor, sending her strength, support, and positive thoughts.

Creating affirmations by your friends and family

Circle TimeGather all the women to share a blessing with the mother-to-be. It can be a time to share their best mothering wisdom, an inspirational verse, or a song. You can meditate together, belly dance together, or sit and laugh and tell your favourite birth stories.

And much more!

A blessingway can be as simple and casual or as sacred and formal as you want. The goal of a blessingway is to focus on the woman becoming a mother. So the mother will feel surrounded by love as she makes this enormous life transition, whether it is her first child or her sixth.

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