About Earth Mama

Blessings I'm Cherie, mama of four children.
My passion for a natural birth experience for both Mother and Baby kick started after the C-Section birth of my first son. Convinced the birth should not have taken that course, I decided to research and hire a private midwife to support me to achieve my vbac.  
I went on to have two more vbac safely at home in my space surrounded by loved ones.
After my first VBAC I noticed the gap in my support during my c-section and in 2009 decided to study with Rhea Dempsey to become a doula in geelong. 
Living and being a geelong doula  for over 10 years has provided the opportunity for me to already have a relationship with the midwives that you might work with in all hospitals or at home.

I have supported 100's of births and each always looks so different but I am very experienced with all kinds of birth options such as
  • Hospital births - Public and Private
  • C-Sections
  • Vaginal births post C-Section
  • Water births
  • Home births
  • Lotus births
  • Induction for medical reason
  • OBs and Midwives
  • Medicated and unmediated births
  • Rebozo